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My own write up on ISAGENIX



I wish I could simply just take some time to describe this line of products in simple terms, but the thought of it exites me. It does this for many great reasons, and off the top of my head it simply is an amazing product. I want you to know that each letter in this article has been thought of and is supported by true-time results.


So ok, I am a competitive bodybuilder with nutritional background. I know all the ups and downs of products that are sold over the counter, and those products sold on the streets.


ISAGENIX was created by one of our times most recognized formulators John Anderson. Now go on and google him and get to know him a little in case you have not heard of him before. It took him nearly a decade to ingeniate the product and master its formula. Isagenix is clinically proven to enhance the body's ability to make positive changes. It is not a product that is approved by the F.D.A. and this is because it contains NO chemicals.


This is not a diet, nor to be compared to any of the diets out there. This is a complete detox system. I have a very important diagram on another page, that will help you understand the system better--check it out please.


To really put it into perspective: Instead of shopping for food, you shop isagenix. The line of product has it all, it really is so incredible.


Who can use the product:

The product can be used by anybody who is looking to lose weight, or gain weight, or strengthen, or anybody who is really looking to be a better them. Those who fall under the category endomorph, mesomorph. The ectomorphs? Can take adavantage of these products just as much.


While it has been proven to speed up metabolism in those who suffer from weight problems, it also is proven to boost the metabolic rate of those who are smaller in size, like the ectomorphs. We know that improving your metabolic rate can be a key element in it all.


We understand that it is the average caloric intake over a period of 24 hours that makes the difference and not the intake of each meal. Isagenix provides all the key ingredients that an outside meal offers. We know that in order for an overweight person to lose weight, that there are a series of factors that need to be changed, but if I may point the most critical one: DIET, DIET, DIET. As a bodybuilder I always say: It is 90% diet and 10% exercise. In a nut shell: Watch everything that you eat, and the rest will fall into place.


I had a client the other day, who told me that before she met me and hired me to work for her, that she had been hitting the gym for months, 3 times per week, and that she did cardiovascular activity for an hour each session. I told her that aside from doing the wrong exercise, I asked her how many meals per day she was eating? She said 3 meals all day long. Interestingly enough that is the main reason why she could not lose any weight at all. Now on Isagenix she has lost 8 pounds in just 10 days and feels full of energy.


From the cellular aspect:

Isagenix provides all the macronutrients and micronutrients needed. If I explain: the daily intake for proteins, carbohydrates and fats--which are the macronutrients. Micronutrients such as zinc, iron, calcium, omegas, glutemine, and others. Isagenix is readily available at the right time, and when you needed the most. Quick releasing, and long and timed ingredients. I could go more in-depth, but I at this point and for this purpose, I rather be a little general, while mentioning all the right aspects, and in order for you to get the general idea.


Running on high Octane:

This is what a competitive athlete does in his/her every day life. Make no mistake, for when it comes to Lynn and I for example. We both know how critical it is for us to get the right diet and at the right time. Nothing worst than to be taking the wrong supplements for months and see no results right? The idea of supplementation is for those who run on high octane. High performance competitors need cutting edge technology in order to be successfully on stage, or a run, or in any competitive sport. I have been training Lynn for the April 30th bikini and figure, and while she ran the Isagenix 30 day cycle 6 weeks before the show, it proved to us both that it was the right decision. The line of product offers energy boosters, and enhances bioavailability of food intake. What a concept hu? You really have to see it to believe it. But here is the most important thing to remember: EVERYONE CAN USE THE PRODUCT. Not just people like myself, but anybody who is willing to take a chance at bettering their lives.


Results on Isagenix:

The list here is very diverse, but I will try to point out the most obvious: increase in energy levels/energy booster, metabolic rate, helps with weight lose, trimming of inches, water loss, acne prevention (through proper hormonal balance), sleep pattern, nervous system (through release of endorphins), introduction of good carbs and good fats-cutting back on toxic waste-created from mal-nutrition, stamina, self steem.

Reduction of stress:

Our system really is a magical machine. It is designed to self-protect itself, and this can sometimes work against us. I could do a real good write-up on how stress levels affect our system, how cortisol can become our worst enemy. Let's talk about cortisol for a quick second: so we know that it is a hormone created by the body when it is under stress and low level of blood glucocorticoids. Its primary function is to increase blood sugar, fat, protein and carbs metabolism, and finally it also suppresses the immune system. WOW what a job hu? So basically if you are stressed, your body goes into protection mode, it creates more fat, and while attacking your precious muscle tissue, cuts back on the immune system, and much more. All of which mark the right recipe for a bad mechanism. Now you get sick, lose muscle mass while gaining fat, thus increasing your chances for high blood pressure, sugars level, viruses. And MUCH MUCH more. Isagenix contains antioxidants for cell protection and plant-based adaptogens to increase your body’s resistance to the negative effects of stress.


The Line of products contains:

There are slow and quick acting proteins. Calcium, omegas, vitamins, fats, carbs, energy boosters, fruits, accelerators. The proteins from ISAGENIX are grade 7 proteins. They come from New Zealand, who we know produces the best protein on earth. The line also carries facial creams, and take this from me, they are simply amazing. You can visit the site at and see the list of stuff that the line carries, they are too many for me to mention here now. The most successful product combo sold is their 30 day cleanse and detox system, and their 9 day system as well.


The 30 day detox and cleanse system in my own words:

The 30 day system comes with everything you need in order to intake 5 meals daily. It allows you to intake ONE single meal from the outside to add up to 400-600 calories per day (which can be a chicken breast with rice, or vegetables, or salmon, potatoe----any meal really that adds up to the allowed caloric intake). The rest? comes from within the cycle. All instructions are provided step by step.


In the cycle you will recieve snacks, protein powders in vanilla or chocolate. Accelerators, which work with fat burning and work together with enzymes. Efficiency is the key in it all. Vitamins, cleansers ingredients and a few other items. The system has a build in structure where you cleanse every 7 days. It is within the 7th and 8th when you really drop weight, at least it is what I have noted on others who have used it. Because ISAGENIX works at the cellular level, it really does target the areas with accuracy, while supplying you with the most clean proteins available. Proteins grade 7, which come from New Zealand. There are no toxic components, nor pesticides used from the natural products that make isagenix's final ingredients. is probably one of most powerful videos the company launched some time ago. check it out.


How it works: Once you decide that you are tired of leading a life full of toxins, a life full of negative, and once you finally decide to make drastic changes in your diet, then ordering the product is very simple. You Buy nowcontact me by email to start the process, we will then set up a time tospeak over the phone, and this will allow me to coach you through theordering process; which by the way is as easy as 1-2-3. The product is ordered through isagenix website, once the order is placed, it only takes 48 to 72 hours before the product is delivered right to your door!!! Is that not incredible?




The business aspect of ISAGENIX:

Here is The Video that wil change your life. It changed my life less than 4 months ago: The company has a very strong and comprehensive system. It took me nearly 6 months of study before I finally made the decision to join the family. It is obvious that I did my homework, and before making a very strong decision. Sure I am here because of the business aspect of it, we all have to make money in life, but if I can give you one advise and or comment in this matter: The product changes lifes!!! The rest? It really is extra.


My promise to you: My promise to you is the following; I am more than willing to put my reputation as chef, trainer and bodybuilder on the line, and promise you that this product works. I would not be a part of the isagenix family if I had ANY doubts at all.


Wishing you always SUCCESS,


Emilio Ruiz Rios


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