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About Myself

I came to Canada nearly 24 years ago, with my 2 sisters and my parents. We came here with dreams and ambitions of a peaceful tomorrow.


My original background is in Finance. I worked the field for nearly 8 years from my early 20s to my late 20s. I ran the office for a private home builder for 5 years. Together we built some of the biggest homes that can be found behind the airport today. The architect, who has been a very close friend of mine for over 12 years now and a true cancer figher and a survivor, closed down the business because of his illness.


It was then when I went to work for G4S- While at G4S I worked together with the team that audited all of the ATM machines across the city of Ottawa- we worked under the Bank of Nolva Scotia, I was there for 2 years, until I came across office administration for one of the biggest Moxie's in Ottawa.


Moxie's took me right deep into the hospitality industry, I fell in love with cooking and all the magic that happens behind a commercial kitchen. Yes I know BIG career change from office administrator, and into full time cooking. I no longer had shinny clean shoes, tie and shirt with very clean nails and a Monday to Friday 8-5PM work. I transitioned into being a full time cook. After cooking for almost 3 years, I decided to head back to school to study Culinary Management. I underwent the culinary training with marks averaging in the 80% range.


I am trained and educated in high end French Traditional cooking, but during my times I have worked bistros, mid end places to the lower end of the spectrum, yes I worked for Perkins restaurant for under a year-there I ran their prep department and training of new employees.


Two of my highest achievements right after my schooling were Executive Sous Chef to Emerald Golf Club and Country Home, where I ran the team for the 2010 season. At Emerald Links my hands cooked for weddings of 300 and events in the hundreds too. Yes I executed meals for some beautiful parties as well.


My second biggest success was while working for one great chef and owner: Alfred, who owns the well known Delicious Steak House on St Joseph Orleans.

I am currently 4700 hours from the 6000 hours needed in order to be able to write the Red Seal exam and be a certified Canadian chef.

One thing that has always been a passion in my life, has been bodybuilding. I have been at it since the age of 18, which makes it now over 15 years. I have competed in the O.P.A. on two occasions, and I stepped on stage once again November 6th 2010.


My off-season for that particular show was of 235lbs 12% body fat, and stepped on stage at 190lbs 4-5% body fat--WOW!! I placed 5th in the Light-Heavy weight division, and 2nd in the Men Open Classic. A day to remember.


It was only then when the true passion and the love for the sport came alive once again in me. At the age of 35 I have made yet another career change. And I have gone full out into the health and wellness industry. I have taken the industry by surprise. BEST DECISION ever!


I am currently a fully certified CanFit-Pro trainer, with nutritional background, pre-natal, CPR, and a few other. I am working full time for one of the biggest corporation across Canada.


I cannot believe it took me so long to finally make he best decision of my life. I love my new career, I love being able to channel positive to the members, my family, my friends of course.


In all of this, I came across a company called ISAGENIX--which I will explain to you, down in another page. In a nut shell: I researched ISAGENIX for nearly 6 months prior to making the decision, the decision to join the team. On January 19th 2011 I became an associate, and only a few weeks later I became a consultant.


I am also a nutritional columnist to two long time standing and well respected papers out of the Manotick area; The Manotick Messenger, and the Barrhaven Independent. These two papers hit around 200k homes in the city. I am extremely fortunate to have friends who support me-thank you to The Morrison Group for opening their doors to me.-Thank you to my friend Caroline, whom I call "Baby doll" she has been one of my biggest supporters in all of this.


You may also visit me and my friends on my facebook: Emilio Ruiz Rios


Thank you for visiting me, and I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams and goals.


If you can imagine it, dream it, you can achieve it!


Wishing you always SUCCESS, Emilio Ruiz

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